What is this blog about?

This blog is starting because I took a class about RA.

What is RA? Reader’s Advisory – for those outside of the library world these two words probably don’t mean much. For those of us poor unfortunate souls who have chosen to pursue the glamorous life of a librarian, it is one of the cornerstones of library services. Unfortunately it is not used as much by library patrons. So what is it? It is defined as advising and influencing patrons on reading material based upon their likes, dislikes, etc…

Back to my class – I loved this class. This has been favorite class in getting my degree in library science and it inspired me to start reading a lot, writing book reviews and posting it on Goodreads.com. When I started to post book reviews on Goodreads a funny thing started to happen. Some of my friends started to take my advice and get the books I had recommended!

So now I have been convinced that I should start a blog and keep all of my friends up to date on what I am reading, what I think about this book and what to read next; basically what a good reader’s advisor would do.  I mainly read YA, fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, mysteries basically genre fiction. I’ve started to read non-fiction but I don’t read as much of it. If you have a recommendation on a book you would like me to review let me know!


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3 responses to “What is this blog about?

  1. I’m so happy! I’m all caught up on postings and set up for immediate notifications. I’ll have to check out these YA books you speak of 😉

    But how can I share your blog on facebook? I can’t find a share button. I want to share.

  2. Trina, I found your blog through facebook. So awesome. It’s a fantastic idea and I’ll be checking it often. I’d love if you could also do a section for kids (Ava -10yrs) too. I like you warn “sexual situations” but I’d love your general opinion (appropriate for ages X and older). We’ve had some pretty uncomfortable conversations recently.

    • I’m so glad you found it! My focus in general is not to read books for younger kids….but I’ll try to add an opinion on age appropriateness to the YA books. I honestly didn’t think about younger kids reading these books since most of the people I know reading these are adults;) So excited that you are reading it too!

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