WHAT DO WE WANT? – Dystopian YA novels (preferably trilogies) WHEN DO WE WANT IT? – NOW!

I have a few weirdo obsession in life : pigs, Mormons, eating canned frosting on saltines, Mormon pigs….and of course YA dystopian trilogy novels. My appetite was whetted by the amazing awesome Hunger Games (and if you haven’t read it yet – what are waiting for??), I really liked The Mazerunner, Matched, Divergent and now – Variant. Are they all kind of similar? Do you sorta know what’s gonig to happen? Yes. But they are super fun to read and I love them – so here is another one for you to peruse.

Benson Fisher is a foster kid. He’s been shuttled from home to home, never finding a place that he felt he belonged in. When he gets a scholarship to Maxfield Academy, he figures that this his chance to get out of the foster system and make something of his life. But things get all screwy as soon as Benson is dropped off at the front door. There are no adults – not in charge and not anywhere to be found. The kids are trapped behind barbed wire fences and subjected to strange tests – one day they are left outside for the night, another day they are given no food. Because there are no adults, the teens have organized themselves into three groups – The Society, Havoc and Variant. Guess which one Benson is in?? Our hero is bent on escape from the school and in so doing stumbles on the school’s crazy secret. He is in even more trouble now but will he get out alive?

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One response to “WHAT DO WE WANT? – Dystopian YA novels (preferably trilogies) WHEN DO WE WANT IT? – NOW!

  1. Ildiko

    So many books so little time! Great job on the reviews. I am really enjoying the reviews, unfortunately it just keeps adding to my list of books that I want to read. I think I have about 150 books loaded on my Kindle already. Yikes! Love ya!

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