Home Tour : The Dining Room

The dining room is by no means done at this point. We have been seriously thinking about painting red like the living room but we just haven’t gotten there yet. I was pretty sick of looking at it with nothing on the walls. I’m thinking about switching the pictures to something else but in the meanwhile here it is:

View from the hallway to our dining room.


Closeup of my centerpiece. I spray painted some gourds from the dollar store and put them in with a candle and hurricane from Walmart.


View from door from the kitchen.

My favorite wall art from IKEA. Nine small mirrors together make such an amazing impact.


Corner of dining room. I love this baker’s rack! When I get more stuff I will fill it…

View of the buffet and my Halloween tableau.


Closeup of my Halloween decorations….I especially am in love with my gold skull. Only $4 at Walmart with gold spray paint.


Well I hope you enjoyed my first time trying to implement some “spooky” Halloween decorations. It’s not perfect but I was pretty excited about it. It has definitely inspired me to try some more next year.

Happy Halloween!!








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2 responses to “Home Tour : The Dining Room

  1. I have the same Martini print – great minds! I also am loving your DIY gold skull. Maybe you should leave it out all year….!

  2. I have thought about it! But I totally have the seasonal decorating bug right now so I’m going with it.

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