Friday Five : Five Things You SHOULD Be Doing at the Library

Some of you may know that I have a Master’s Degree in Library Science. Although my priority right now is to stay at home with my children, I hope to one day work as a librarian (or at the very least use my degree in some other manner).
So naturally I am an ardent supporter of the library – I love it and I am there at least once a week (if not more). Where else can you go and take away 10-15 books at a time and NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING???? But I realize that not everybody loves the library as I do and you might not realize what the library has to offer… here is my list of five things that the library offers that you may not know about! (I live in Indianapolis and all of these things are available through IMCPL. Obviously some libraries may not offer these things depending on their size but I encourage you to ask….they may have other things available).

1) Putting items on hold –

Gone are the days of going to the library, spending twenty or thirty minutes desperately browsing the shelves and hoping something catches your eye, then getting it home and discovering you hate it. Now you can put items on hold and they send you an email letting you know it is at your home library branch waiting for you. Possibly even things that you read about on a delightful witty review blog 😉  If you are busy, it is so convenient because you just pop in and pick up your stuff. If you are like me and want to read about a million things, you will always get surprises – I’m always forgetting stuff I put on hold. Love.

2) DVDs –

Libraries have DVDs and BlueRays (some of them) on everything including popular movies, TV shows, exercise, crafts, etc…anything that is on DVD they have. I have Netflix so I don’t usually use this service but I am able to get exercise videos this way without having to waste my money when I inevitably don’t use it.

3) E-books and audiobooks

Yep, you can now download both ebooks and audiobooks directly from the library website to your device or into iTunes. Our library supports both EPUB and Kindle ebook formats. You can have them for 21 days and then it will expire on your device. I always check the library before I purchase a book I want to read – this has saved me a ton of money since I got my Kindle.

4) Programs –

I know, I know – sounds boring hanging out at the library… but they have SO many programs for every age and interest. Our library system is hosting : storytimes, dog communication classes, a celebration of Ray Bradbury, a workshop on diabetes, preschool yoga, book discussion clubs, sensory play discussion, how to pay for college, how to build a nonprofit organization, balloon twisting workshop, face painting workshop…..and that is just in the next couple of months. ALL FREE!

5) Downloading Music

This one I’m really excited about because I just discovered it but IMCPL has a new service called Freegal. It allows you to download three songs a week DIRECTLY to iTunes (and other music managers as well.) The list of what they have available changes every week but here is what I downloaded this week : Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie”, Adele “Skyfall” and Adele “Chasing Pavements”. Amazing right???


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  1. Donky Kong

    You forgot to mention the wonderful lobby display cases where we were introduced to the wonderful world of Gourd Porn.

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