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Home Tour : The Dining Room

The dining room is by no means done at this point. We have been seriously thinking about painting red like the living room but we just haven’t gotten there yet. I was pretty sick of looking at it with nothing on the walls. I’m thinking about switching the pictures to something else but in the meanwhile here it is:

View from the hallway to our dining room.


Closeup of my centerpiece. I spray painted some gourds from the dollar store and put them in with a candle and hurricane from Walmart.


View from door from the kitchen.

My favorite wall art from IKEA. Nine small mirrors together make such an amazing impact.


Corner of dining room. I love this baker’s rack! When I get more stuff I will fill it…

View of the buffet and my Halloween tableau.


Closeup of my Halloween decorations….I especially am in love with my gold skull. Only $4 at Walmart with gold spray paint.


Well I hope you enjoyed my first time trying to implement some “spooky” Halloween decorations. It’s not perfect but I was pretty excited about it. It has definitely inspired me to try some more next year.

Happy Halloween!!








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Home Tour : Living Room

Well I totally missed Wednesday’s post of the next room in our House tour. I was out with my sweet little daughters of whom oldest is on Fall Break…it’s hard to tell that it was Fall because it almost 80 degrees out but whatever. So I thought you would enjoy seeing the second room on the House tour : the Living Room or Music Room (or perhaps Conservatory). When we moved in the room already had beautiful red walls so I was super excited to not have to paint these walls 😉 We needed furniture for the room so we made a trip to Ikea. Here it is :

View from the doorway of the living room

Here is the corner to the right of the doorway. I love the two pencil drawings of my children and my fur child. I also just adore the way the blue lamp pops against the red walls.

Our Ikea purchases included this sofa, the cushions and the side table. We had the pictures at the old house…dramatic opera posters that just happened to have all the right colors.

Pillow from Ikea – has the blue and red colors to go with the rest of the living room.

The rug was a housewarming gift from my parents…it is amazing! Picks up all the colors from the decor and really warms up the room.

I made these silhouettes myself! I was so excited and all it cost me was $10 for the frames and $4 for the posterboard. Yeah me!

I thought the curtains were too light and airy on their own so I doubled them up on each side. I love the way they contrast in the room.

OK….so there is the living room. We got a piano from my dear MIL and Eric and I decided to put our cello and guitar in the room to emphasize the music aspect of it but it has also quickly become one of my favorite reading spots. Hope you enjoyed it.


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The Family Room and a Halloween/Fall Mantel

When I posted the picture of the outside of our house, I had a couple of requests for more pictures of the inside. Well, your wish is my command! I’m hoping to add more topics to the blog so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy!

Our house is a tri-level with a large Family Room that is on the lowest level. The Family Room was one of the BIG reasons we fell in love with the house. I wanted this room to feel really warm and inviting, and reflect our family in its’ decorations.

View of the Family Room from the staircase

Here is the other side of the room from the staircase.

Closeup of the Gallery Wall and table arrangement

The Gallery Wall was somewhat of a nightmare. I wanted it to be all perfect and such but it actually looks cuter a little more naturally placed. I found some decorative balls at Target to put in the birdcagey thing (a leftover from my wedding). I just got the orchid for $9 at the Home Depot. I’ve always wanted to try having an orchid but was afraid of killing it and spending a bajillion dollars on a plant. But $9 is totally worth a try. I think it really accents the wall beautifully.

The first thing I did in the room was to decorate the bookcases using our own knickknacks and positioning the books in what I thought would make it look more interesting.

Fireplace and Bookcases

A wonderful chair that my mom brought me as a gift from her house. It is so cozy and warm, I’m so excited that I’m able to use my basket as a side table.


My Fall/Halloween Mantel

Closeup of the mantel – all my updates for $15.

I wanted to decorate the mantel for Fall AND Halloween so I chose some things that could work for the holiday but that I could easily replace when Halloween was over. The pumpkins were purchased at Target ($2.50 each) and the raven and skull are from Dollar Tree. The wreath is my own from long ago tied onto the mirror using the picture wire from the back (in case you wondered how that was done 😉 ).

There you go, room #1 in the house tour. As we finish more rooms, I will be putting them up on the blog. Thanks for checking it out.



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