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Home Tour : Living Room

Well I totally missed Wednesday’s post of the next room in our House tour. I was out with my sweet little daughters of whom oldest is on Fall Break…it’s hard to tell that it was Fall because it almost 80 degrees out but whatever. So I thought you would enjoy seeing the second room on the House tour : the Living Room or Music Room (or perhaps Conservatory). When we moved in the room already had beautiful red walls so I was super excited to not have to paint these walls 😉 We needed furniture for the room so we made a trip to Ikea. Here it is :

View from the doorway of the living room

Here is the corner to the right of the doorway. I love the two pencil drawings of my children and my fur child. I also just adore the way the blue lamp pops against the red walls.

Our Ikea purchases included this sofa, the cushions and the side table. We had the pictures at the old house…dramatic opera posters that just happened to have all the right colors.

Pillow from Ikea – has the blue and red colors to go with the rest of the living room.

The rug was a housewarming gift from my parents…it is amazing! Picks up all the colors from the decor and really warms up the room.

I made these silhouettes myself! I was so excited and all it cost me was $10 for the frames and $4 for the posterboard. Yeah me!

I thought the curtains were too light and airy on their own so I doubled them up on each side. I love the way they contrast in the room.

OK….so there is the living room. We got a piano from my dear MIL and Eric and I decided to put our cello and guitar in the room to emphasize the music aspect of it but it has also quickly become one of my favorite reading spots. Hope you enjoyed it.


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