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A Roller Skating Party and DIY Treat Bag Tutorial

Part of the reason why I have been MIA lately was planning my daughter’s 7th birthday party. We try to do something special but not over the top every year for birthdays around here. I always make the cake or cupcakes to follow the theme that they pick out. This year, my DD decided she wanted a roller skating party since she has recently discovered love of the roller skating. (This was a very affordable party to pay for on the scale of most birthday parties outside of the home). The roller rink provided invitations, drinks, paper products and pizza. I provided the cake and the treat bags.

My adorable roller skate cupcakes!

My adorable roller skate cupcakes!

These were so easy and cute! I found the idea for these on pinterest( and I can’t find the website now so if someone knows the original creator please let me know ). I simply tinted the frosting pink (although it looks closer to red in the picture). Then I bought some rolled fondant from Michael’s and shaped them into shoe shapes. Then I just added Mini M&Ms to the side of the shoe as wheels. DD loved them!

Treat Bags

Treat Bags

We gave each child who attended a treat bag. I found these cute star ones at Target (8 for $2). I thought they kinda went with the whole roller skating theme. We included finger skateboards, a small slinky, a star lollipop (all purchased from Party City for about $10) and a custom candy treat bag.

Treat Bag Topper

Custom Candy Treat Bag

I have seen these everywhere on Pinterest and I thought I would try to make them for the party. It is VERY easy so I am including a quick tutorial on how to make these.

Materials needed :

– Ziploc snack bags or any other treat bags

– card stock ( I had mine printed at Staples so I didn’t actually purchase card stock – also my printer doesn’t have a color cartridge right now 😉

– treats to put in the bag ( I used Skittles to go along with the color scheme of the bags)


1) Find a background for your bag topper. I went to Pinterest and typed in chevron background. Here is the website I found :

Chevron Background Screen Shot

It is from a site called Doodlecraft. I just right clicked on the image and then saved it to my desktop.

2) Now you have two options. If you can print at home and would like something smaller and already sized then go to Go to Design and Print Online, then Marketing Solutions. They have one option for Bag Toppers where you can customize it the way you want to and print it out yourself. I decided to send my project to be printed at Staples. To do that, open Microsoft Publisher and start a new project. I picked one that was the size of a regular letter in landscape.

3) Now, go to Insert —> Picture —–> From File —–> [insert whatever background you found]

Publisher Screen Shot 1

4) Measure your bag and make a box the size you want your topper. When you get it right, make a copy and put it below the first box. Should look like this. Publisher Screen Shot 2

5) Now comes the fun! You want to add the elements for the front of the bag to the BOTTOM box. I inserted a clip art of a roller skate by going to Insert—-> Picture—–> From Clip Art. You just have to search what they have and put it where you want it.

6) I also wanted a star shape to write the thank you in. On left side, there is an Auto Shapes button. I chose a 5 point star. Publisher Screen Shot 3

Once you place it and make it the size you want, you can right-click on it. There are options to fill it with a different color (I chose white) and adjust the outline (which I made a higher weight and in red to reflect the star from the treat bag). Once you get everything the way you like it, save your project. Here is the finished project.

Publisher Screen Shot 4

7) Put your project online at and send to the nearest store to get printed. For my 8 treat bags, it cost $7.84 to put it on card stock.

8) Once you get your hot little hands on the printed toppers, cut them out (the whole thing) fold on the white space between the boxes and staple to your filled treat bag. Voila!

That was sort of a long tutorial for a not very complicated process. I hope this helps somebody out there! Let me know if you have any questions…




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