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Book Review : The Sculptress

I have recently become much addicted to the ID channel and have had to do an intervention on myself. I love crime and mysteries. How can you resist a channel with show titles like “Happily Never After” or “Who the bleep did I marry? (actual title)” or “Very Bad Men” ? If you haven’t watched this channel – don’t start! You will find yourself watching hours and hours of shows, then inevitably coming to the conclusion that you should NEVER get married (the husband or wife ALWAYS does it) or that your spouse is probably plotting something….just kidding.

So, you know around Halloween everybody and their mother came out with lists of horror books, gory books, and other creepy crawly type mystery, paranormal books. This gem happened to get on my to read list and I am so glad I went ahead and read it! I loved it and if you are into mystery/crime/psychological thrillers you would definitely like this one.

Title : The Sculptress

Author: Minette WaltersThe Sculptress

Stand Alone or Series : Stand Alone

Red Flags : extreme violence and gory details, bad language, sexual situations (NSFC)

Three Words : crime novel, mystery, psychologically intense

Summary : Rosalind Leigh is a journalist who is a little down on her luck. Her publisher is pushing her to start some new work. However, Roz is not interested in anything. Then she is told to go prison and do an interview with Olive Martin, the famous Sculptress. Everyone knows about Olive Martin and her horrific crimes five years ago. Olive murdered her sister and mother in their family kitchen, carving up the parts and positioning them again….giving her the moniker. Olive was found in the kitchen itself cradling some of the parts. Olive has always maintained her guilt, but something that in her manner convinces Roz that something is wrong and that Olive could possibly be innocent. When Roz seeks out Hal Hawksley, the arresting officer, things start to get very interesting. She delves deeper into the mystery and the dark secrets hidden in the Martin case. Is Olive innocent? Who is the real murderer?

Review : I loved this book! Roz was an interesting and multi-faceted person who had her own issues going on. The romance between Hal and Roz was at times funny, at times painful, but also added another dimension to the book. The murder mystery was also really interesting, there are plenty of twists and turns but none of them crazy unbelievable. It all fits in. The best part of this novel is Olive Martin. At times repellent, at times sympathetic, she is a complex character. She is morbidly obese but highly intelligent. She has built up walls around her to protect her and her secrets. The whole time you are questioning all the things you know about her, as they are completely shaded through how other people experience her. You can’t entirely trust what the book is telling you. I’m not sure I’m doing enough justice to this book. If you like mysteries than I would highly recommend this one. I give this one nine shoes … I loved it and can’t wait to read more by the awesome Minette Walters.

Anybody else read this one out there?? What did you think?


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