Review Policy/Disclaimer

Review Policy

I am accepting Review Requests. First, please read through this information about my reviews.

What kind of books do you accept for review ?

  • YA
  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • mystery / thriller
  • dystopian
  • paranormal
  • romance (preferably with paranormal elements)
  • adult literary fiction

Are there genres you DO NOT accept?

  • Christian fiction
  • non-fiction
  • self help
  • military / Western / spy

What formats do you take?

  • Paperback / hardcover
  • Kindle compatible

Do you accept ARCs, etc…?

I accept ARCs in both print and ebook format. I do not accept self-published titles.

What are your reviews like?

  • Book Cover
  • Summary from either myself or Goodreads
  • Publisher information including page number, publication date, etc…
  • A rating per my system : 1 – 10 shoes (with 1 being extremely bad and 10 being my favorite books)
  • Link to the book’s Goodreads page
  • My Red Flags for the book (Violence, Sex, Language)
  • Where I obtained the book
  • If it is stand alone or part of a series

How long will it take to review my book?

I will make every effort to read and review these books in a timely manner. In most cases, I will try to review the books 1-2 weeks before the publication date. However, I cannot guarantee this. If  you have a specific date that you would like the review by please let me know and I will try to do that for you. I will post these reviews to my blog, and to Goodreads. I will send the link to this review to the publisher where applicable.

All my reviews will be fair and honest, but not necessarily positive. If I truly don’t like the book, I will let my readers know that. I will explain why I don’t like something.

How can I contact you for a review?

Please contact me with all requests at

Anything else?

I am also available to host giveaways under the same criteria as my

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