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Book Review : Speaking From Among the Bones

Title : Speaking From Among the Bones

Author : Alan Bradley

Publisher : Delacorte Press

Publication Date : February 5th, 2013

Pages : 378

Stand Alone or Series : #5 in the Flavia de Luce series

Why I Read : I’ve read all the other books in the series and I love them!

Three Words : mystery, young heroine, English sensibilities

Red Flags : very small amount of violence esp. associated with the murder.

Summary : We find ourselves once again in Bishop’s Lacey with the irrepressible Flavia de Luce. The church is opening the crypt of the town’s patron saint, St. Tancred and the village is a-twitter. Although all the adults are trying to keep Flavia away from the opening, she would not miss this for the world. And of course, all their fears are realized when it is Flavia who discovers upon opening the tomb that it contains the bones of one deceased fellow – not St. Tancred! It is actually the church organist who disappeared several weeks prior. He is found with a strange gas mask attached to his face- very strange indeed. Flavia CANNOT let this stand and decides to find out what has happened and who is responsible. As she delves into the past, she uncovers many secrets including ones to do with her family…..specifically her missing mother!

My Take : Sigh….I just delight in Flavia de Luce. Every time I read one of these books I close the cover, hold the book to my chest and sigh. Part of me just wishes that I was Flavia – she is so mischievous, so intelligent and yet she cares fiercely about her family including her “hated” sisters. The mystery is always interesting and keeps you on your toes. There is always fun scientific tidbits thrown in through Flavia’s interest in chemistry (specifically poisons). One of the best things about these books are the combination of Flavia’s extreme intelligence with the naivete of being a child, she doesn’t always understand the very grown-up things that are happening around her. But in true Flavia manner, she always thinks she understands perfectly. Does is sometimes stretch the imagination that once again, there is a murder in the sleepy village of Bishop’s Lacey? Well of course- but honestly who cares when the writing is this fun?

My Rating : eight and a half shoes – Very very good.


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