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Dead Reckoning or My regular dose of vampire porn

If you know me at all then you know I loves me some True Blood. So naturally, I started to read the Sookie Stackhouse books after watching the first season. The 11th book came out a little while ago and I hadn’t gotten around to it because of the thousands of books already on my “to read” list. (Also we gave up HBO about a year ago and I thought that reading the books would only bring up the pain of missing my TV vampire porn.) Well now I have and you, my dear readers, get to hear all about it. For those of you who don’t know about Sookie Stackhouse, first crawl out from under that rock you’ve been living under. Sookie Stackhouse is a Southern girl , she works in a bar and she lives with her grandma and brother. Also, she can hear people’s thoughts. A Japanese company has made a synthetic blood beverage that has enabled vampires to “come out” and live in mainstream society. Still hidden but sort of part of society are the werewolves and the shape-shifters. Now, if you are remotely interested in keeping up the surprise of these novels then I suggest you stop reading right here and go to your library and check out the entire series….

For those of you still with me, I will go on about Dead Reckoning. So Sookie is still working at Merlotte’s. She’s still dating Eric Northman (yum….). Sam and the rest of the shapeshifters have come out and people are not so cool with it. While she’s working one night, Merlotte’s gets firebombed and the anti-shifter movement is suspected. Sookie has other suspicions but she is pre-occupied with other issues. Eric and Pam (his child) are having bad relations with their new boss. So, as vampires will do,  they are planning on killing him which could result in happy times or possibly total annihilation for all associated.

I enjoyed this book as I pretty much enjoy all the other Sookie novels – pure fun. It is basically vampire porn mixed with soap opera. We are not going to be solving any of the world’s issues with this one but if you are looking for a entertainment of the vampire variety then I highly recommend it. Charlaine Harris has a tongue-in-cheek style so it keeps it light and not so dramatic. Crazy stuff is always happening but with vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters thrown in it doesn’t seem too crazy…So ladies don’t be ashamed of needing an occassional dose of vampire porn, it is all in good fun. I give this book seven shoes – intense gladiator wedges that border on dominatrix shoes – pure club/going-out shoes.

Three Appeals : supernatural setting, familiar characters and SEX!

Red Flags : Violence, gore, language and SEX!

If you enjoy vampire porn then I suggest you check out these authors :

Sherrilyn Kenyon – Her Dark Hunter series also infuses some humor with paranormal romance which in this case focuses on Greek mythology as a basis. Check out this for more info.

J.R. Ward – If you want to live in the world of vampires then check out The Black Dagger Brotherhood which follows a world of half-breed and purebred vampires. This is more dark than the Stackhouse novels but still packs plenty of romance and paranormal goings on.

Kresley Cole – Also writes about paranormal romance with a humorous edge. Check out her Immortals After Dark series.

What’s your favorite vampire/supernatural porn books?


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