My Book Review Rating Scale

It’s all been changed! I tried to use a five star system so popular for so many things but I found that it just wasn’t nuanced enough for me. I mean how could I distinguish between something I really liked and something I really really liked… I’m sure you see the problem. I have changed my scale to a much more appropriate 10 shoe scale (I decided to incorporate the other love of my life!)

I know, I know …. not very exciting but I went with the star rating system a la Goodreads.

Here is a breakdown for those who are not familiar :

1 star – Didn’t Like it – in fact I probably put it down in a fit of anger at wasting my time

2 stars – It was OK – That’s (insert time wasted) I won’t get back

3 stars – I liked it – I enjoyed it, it didn’t rock my world but it didn’t fill me with rage either.

4 stars – I really liked it – This was a great book, enjoyed reading it and if it is a series I will surely be forced to read the rest of it.

5 stars – Woo Hoo – That’s what I’m talking about!

So there you go, the rating system.

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