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The Aviary or Polly Wanna Solve a Murder…

So I’ve obviously been gone for a LONG time. Rather than do the whole long apology/rationalization of why I haven’t written a post in nigh on eight months (HOLY CRAP has it really been eight months???) I’ll just post this :


Isn’t it awesome??? This is our new home! I would never recommend going through the whole selling and buying process because frankly it sucks but I’m so excited to finally be in our new home. So I blame this for my extended abscence.

and Pinterest. (It’s become an obsession.)

On to more important things…namely one book review :

Title :  The Aviary

Author : Kathleen O’Dell

Red Flags : Almost none, some violence

Clara Dooley is a obedient, intelligent, responsible and kind twelve year old girl. She has spent her entire life at Glendoveer Mansion with old Mrs. Glendoveer, the kind, elderly but poor owner of the house. Her mother is the housekeeper and spends most of her time trying to find the money to keep up the house. Due to a heart condition, Clara is not allowed to go to school, to go outside or to have friends. Although lonely at times, Clara is happy and only slightly creeped out by the scary birds in the aviary. One day, when she passes the aviary one of the birds clearly says “Eliott!” to her. She decides to ask Mrs. Glendoveer about the name and learns that she once had six children and the youngest was named Elliott. When Mrs. Glendoveer abruptly dies, Clara begins to learn even more about the tragic happenings at Glendoveer Mansion including the children’s kidnapping and subsequent drownings, the horrible accusations against the Glendoveers and the mystery of the birds in the aviary. Will she solve the long-dead mystery of the children’s kidnapping and murder? What will it reveal about her own strange background?

The Aviary was a strange mix. It really got me hooked in with the whole dark mysterious cover first of all, moving on to dark mysterious house with dark mysterious happenings. Clara is sweet and kind, seemingly intensely naive – a complete innocent. The actual aviary and the birds within definitely give off that Gothic vibe that seems to permeate the book. The characters were enjoyable especially because they were mostly smart girls and women. Clara’s journey throughout the book is fun to follow since it is only when she becomes more bold and brave that her life takes a turn for the better. However, the book takes a sharp turn about three quarters of the way through when it throws in some fantastical elements. I’m not sure if every reader would enjoy that in the middle of their murder mystery. While many parts stretched the limits of imagination I still enjoyed my reading of the book. If you are looking for a fun read, I definitely recommend it. Delightful!

Rating : Six and a half shoes bordering on seven…. a cute flat that occasionally pinches my feet but goes with everything.

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